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Richard Bash, DDS

"You really deserve the title of best dentist. It’s safe to say I have never been to another dentists office as clean, safe, caring and considerate as Bash Dental."

I was experiencing an extreme amount of pain in my top right molar. We were trying to figure out what was causing the pain and it turned out I had a crack in that tooth. Dr. Bash then proceeded to do everything in his power to save the tooth starting with a root canal first. Dr. Bash was very patient with me and made sure I was comfortable and ready before removing the tooth. I even had a big moment of panic and almost left but he was still able to be patient during that time. He did everything he could to try and save it and I appreciate that more than anything in the world. Winkles is the best office dog for the best dentist ever. We love Winkles! Dr. Bash, I could never thank you enough for everything you did for me. You are the best! Thanks a million!

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