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Dental Trauma

Avulsed (Knocked Out) Teeth

If you’ve knocked out a permanent tooth, we may be able to help. We cannot stress enough that time is of the essence. It’s vital to see Dr. Bash immediately to increase the chance of saving your tooth.

If your tooth is entirely avulsed (knocked out), it’s important to do your best to preserve it. The tooth cannot be allowed to dry out- or it will no longer be viable. We recommend that you place your tooth (or tooth fragments) in milk. Never touch the tooth’s roots or attempt to brush them clean as they can easily be damaged.

If a tooth is only partially dislodged, you may be asked to push the tooth back into place. We will provide you with instructions before your emergency trauma visit. Again, fast action is crucial. All adult teeth that are avulsed will require root canal treatment.

close up of missing tooth

Accidents happen, and we’ve just about seen it all. From falling on icy sidewalks to sports-related injuries, many of us will experience dental trauma in our lifetime.

Tooth Fractures, Chips and Cracks

Fractures, chips and cracks can vary in severity and must be evaluated to be properly treated. Simple bonding may do the trick, or, upon examination, more extensive treatment may be required.

If a portion of the tooth is knocked out, it may be possible to reattach it using bonding depending on the severity and fragment size. Make sure the tooth fragment is placed in milk so it remains viable, and that you visit Dr. Bash immediately. If the tooth fragment is not found or brought to the office, bonding will be used to repair the missing portion. In most situations, you’ll leave our office with a restored smile.

close up of cracked tooth

General Dental Trauma

Sometimes trauma will not fracture or cause a tooth to become dislodged from the mouth, yet pain will still be present without damage that’s visible. It’s still important to be seen immediately by the dentist as damage may still be present- such as bruised pulp, fractures/cracks in the root of the tooth, damage in between teeth, etc. A comprehensive exam and digital x-rays will ensure that any potential issues are caught and remedied before they’re allowed to worsen.

Some culprits of general dental trauma include:

  • Loose teeth
  • Foreign objects
  • Gum abrasion
  • Minor intraoral trauma

Following up with a reliable dentist is always important when it comes to teeth, but it’s crucial with trauma. Recovery can vary depending on the type and severity of the trauma. You may be asked to stick to a soft-food diet for a period of time. As well, special home care instructions (if required) and other post-procedure care will be explained to you before you leave our office. Medication, if prescribed, will be explained as well.

call 911 for life-threatening emergencies

If your trauma is life threatening, we recommend that you first go to an emergency room or call 911. When dealing with oral trauma, don’t hesitate. Call Bash Dental and we will alleviate your pain.

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