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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

At the dental office of Richard N. Bash, D.D.S., your smile matters. Without smiles, the world would be a very solemn place. So when a patient comes to us feeling self-conscious about their smile, we get to work. It’s important that you feel proud and confident about flashing your whites! If you have missing teeth, our restorative dental services ensure that your smile looks great.

We offer state-of-the-art restorative dental treatments to replace damaged and missing teeth. These procedures consist of implementing crowns and bridges.

A dental crown completely encapsulates a tooth or dental implant. A bridge is an artificial tooth that replaces the missing one and is adjoined permanently to neighboring teeth or dental implants.

All of our crowns and bridges are made from the absolute best materials necessary to provide form, function and long-lasting results.

Crowns and bridges can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as yellow gold and high-quality ceramic, depending on the both the patient’s needs and preferences. A few factors go into consideration when selecting a material for the crown – aesthetic inclination, cost and location of the tooth. We are here to assist you and will provide the best options for your dental needs.

We use 14-18K gold as the core for most bridges and crowns, which are encapsulated by tooth-colored ceramic. The metallurgical properties present in gold offer the most desirable base material. Gold is time-tested and known above all materials to most-closely mimic the physical properties of natural teeth.

drawing of a dental bridge

State-of-the-Art Crowns and Bridges

Our bridges and crowns are reliable, providing superior strength for long-lasting results. For bridges that cover more than one tooth at a time, a semi-precious metal is used to provide a superior level of mechanical strength. The process is straightforward. First, the tooth is reduced in size for proper fitting. Then, an impression is created over the tooth to serve as the mold for the bridge or crown. Our dental lab then uses the impression to fabricate the final product in the specified material.

Following your appointment for restorative dental treatment, you’ll walk out with a temporary crown or bridge (or in some cases, both). You can expect the temporary crown, bridge or combo from Bash Dental to have outstanding esthetics and solid functional properties— which comes in useful while your permanent prosthetic is being completed. You will only have the temporary until the final restoration is fabricated at our lab and permanently placed.

Remember, however, that temporaries are named as such, because they are not intended to last for very long periods of time. Timely placement of the permanent restoration is crucial! We want to make sure your crowns and bridges last for years to come. That’s one reason why we meticulously go over the care and maintenance of your new restorations.

Success Stories

lost bridge at sea

A middle-aged man came in for what he considered an emergency because his crowns and bridge came out while he was sailing. His teeth were immediately restored with temporary crowns and bridge until the permanent versions could be fabricated in the lab. The permanent restoration was placed during a subsequent visit after they were completed.

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