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Doylestown Total Smile Restoration

Total Smile Restoration

Each total smile restoration case is unique to the individual and can involve a range of different disciplines within dentistry. The process, which will be outlined in a detailed treatment plan (created through discussion between the patient and dentist), is primarily cosmetic in nature. If existing disease is present, it must first be addressed prior to the total smile makeover.

Who is a candidate for total smile restoration?

Bash Dental’s total smile restoration (smile makeover) is for anyone who wants to achieve a beautiful smile (the ideal candidate will have only aesthetic elements of their smile with which they are not satisfied). Candidates should be in a state of generally good oral health.

What Bash Dental can offer (available procedures within the scope of a total smile makeover):

  • Discoloration solutions (whitening)
  • Repair of slight/minor misaligned/uneven and crooked teeth
  • Cracks, chips and uneven tooth surfaces
  • Reshaping eroded/worn/chipped teeth
  • Undesirable gums (gummy smile)
  • Issues with tooth shape (dimensions) and proportion

What to Expect

  1. Identify where the patient’s smile is at (state of oral health)
  2. Establish patient goals and expectations and dentist offers available options of approach
  3. Using all of the disciplines available to us, we’ll then work to create treatment plan
  4. Execute the treatment plan, which addresses multiple cosmetic issues and is typically achieved in one or sometimes two visits depending on the scope of the makeover

The results of a total smile makeover can be dramatic and life changing. Our staff is routinely amazed at the outcome, and it’s all accomplished over several hours in just one or two visits.

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