Overcome Dental Anxiety with Nitrous Oxide

December 27, 2016

Overcome Dental Anxiety with Nitrous Oxide

If you’re like millions of Americans, then you might admit to avoiding the dentist because of paralyzing fear and anxiety. This apprehension and mistrust of going to the dentist’s office can be caused by negative childhood experiences, unfortunate past ordeals and phobias of needles and dental drills. Remember, your oral health affects your overall health, and odds are that you won’t be able to avoid dental care forever.

There is something that we have at our disposal to help remedy this dilemma — nitrous oxide conscious sedation. Because of the high cost, fewer and fewer dentists are willing to offer nitrous oxide for their patients.

Fortunately, Bash Dental, the leading emergency dentist in the Philadelphia region, does offer this calming sedation solution.

If just the thought of dental work gets you worried, read on to see how this solution could very well reverse your perception of dentistry.

What is Nitrous Oxide and How Can It Help Me?

Nitrous oxide — also called laughing gas — is a medical-grade gas with over 150 years of demonstrated effectiveness in calming the nerves of anxious patients.

Administered by our dentists, nitrous oxide is a safe and very effective form of conscious sedation that is inhaled using a fitted nose mask during dental procedures. Just moments after the gas is first given, you’ll likely find that fear, embarrassment and anxiety have melted away into oblivion and replaced by an enjoyable, euphoric buzz.

After opting to give nitrous oxide a try, it’s not uncommon to find a once-anxious patient who avoided dental care actually looking forward to their next visit!

Here are some things to know about nitrous oxide:

  • Acts almost immediately
  • Induces a state of euphoria in just moments that many people find enjoyable
  • Reduced sensation of pain
  • Effects wear off quickly unlike other sedation methods used
  • Safe enough for children and has a long track record of success with its use in dentistry
  • Won’t put you to sleep, but will put you in a sedated or “twilight” state which replaces your anxiety

Not Just for Major Procedures

Nitrous oxide sedation is available for use during any dental procedure we offer- not just the “major ones.” Just make sure to request it when making your appointment, so you can just relax and even have your teeth cleaned in comfort.

Game Changer

If fear and anxiety have kept you from getting the dental work you need to be done, we encourage you to try using nitrous oxide, a true dental game changer. We invite you to come see us at Bash Dental for nitrous oxide conscious sedation no matter if it is a root canal or any other dental emergency in Philadelphia. Visit us to experience the huge difference nitrous sedation can make!

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