I woke up Saturday night in excruciating pain…

I woke up Saturday night in excruciating pain, searched high and low to find a reputable dentist available for Sunday appointments and found Dr. Bash. When I went in for my appointment he told me I would need a root canal and I was so nervous! I absolutely HATE dentists!! But this experience was completely different! It was hands down the best dentist appointment I’ve ever had, even though he’s 45 minutes from me, I fully intend on making that drive time and time again to see him!! We’ve worked out a treatment plan and he’s referred me to other doctors in the area to get my teeth in better condition! He made me feel like I’d been a life long client there from the second I walked in. Thanks so much Dr. Bash!

Dr. Bash is a great dentist…

I had two extractions and two root canals done by him and he does very good work. The staff is very friendly too. I did not have dental insurance and found him to be fair in the pricing. I will continue going to him because I feel he takes pride in his work and doing things correctly. Thanks.

My fiance had a horrible toothache Saturday and progressed into Sunday morning…

If found Dr. Bash online and quickly made an appointment. My fiance couldn’t be happier with the care Dr. Sanchez took to take his time and make him comfortable while working on his tooth with no pain. Even though they are out of network & require payment upfront (they will still submit to his insurance), he choose to do the follow-up procedure with Dr. Sanchez because of how comfortable he was with him and how he kept him calm and explained what was going on the whole time. This is an hour drive away, but it’s worth it to him for the exceptional care he received. That speaks VOLUMES of Dr. Sanchez’s bedside manner and how he treats his patients!!!! We were very lucky to have found this place!! You won’t be disappointed if you have an emergency too.

Thought I had an emergency but I wasn’t sure…

The staff was able to make me an immediate appointment. When I arrived, they took me promptly and were extremely kind. Dr. Bash took a look and offered to fix my problem, but let me know that it was not an emergency. I chose to wait and see my own dentist and he didn’t charge me for the consultation. I’d recommend this office in a heartbeat. And their therapy dog was adorable! What a great way to put anxious minds at ease.

Dr. Bash and his team are the very best!

Dr. Bash and his team are the very best! I brought my 13 year old son in last night. He fell riding his scooter and cracked both front teeth. One needed a root canal.They got us in quick and worked very late for us. They were very gentle and explained everything along the way.

The puppy was a huge help in keeping all of us calm. She is an absolute trip. Just make sure to turn the light for her, when you go you’ll understand. Haha. I can’t thank that staff enough for fixing my boy up!

Thank you Dr. Bash and staff for stepping up to the plate to care for me when no one else would…

Thank you Dr. Bash and staff for stepping up to the plate to care for me when no one else would. It was the weekend and I was suffering in horrendous pain with an infected tooth for 48 hours. My dentist in NJ pushed me off on an oral surgeon but no oral surgeon was to be found, anywhere.

Not even at the emergency room at Robert Wood Johnson hospital in New Brunswick! My husband found Dr. Bash on-line, I was leery at first but his staff made me feel comfortable. And Dr. Bash went right to work to remove the tooth, and take my pain away! Thank you for caring and thank you for being there for me. Give Winkles a kiss for me!

This Dr. and his kind and professional staff saved me from the worst pain…

This Dr. and his kind and professional staff saved me from the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. This was after hours, at an extremely affordable rate. I recommend this office highly and have finally found a dentist that I can trust.

We were visiting family and was in need of an emergency dentist…

We were visiting family and was in need of an emergency dentist. My cousin did a search and Bash Dental was the first that appeared. It was easy to get an appointment and was seen right away. He didn’t beat around the bush [and] gave the best recommendation for me on my teeth and performed a root canal.

I have never had such a great experience with a dentist before and I was extremely pleased. Left the office pain free and ready to go celebrate the rest of our Thanksgiving weekend with family. We will be back for sure all the way from NY. Top notch Dentist. Thank you for all of your help.

I chipped my tooth late Saturday night and needed a dentist…

I chipped my tooth late Saturday night and needed a dentist on Sunday. I found Dr. Bash on Google and called his office and several others that offered emergency services. Dr. Bash personally called me back and arranged a meeting for us on Sunday evening.

He was the only practice that offered services , and was accommodating. I arrived to a friendly staff and a nice clean office. Dr. Bash and his assistant were pleasant, funny and professional. I was in and out in less than 45 minutes. I will be back, I was highly impressed.

Very professional, expert and friendly service!

Very professional, expert and friendly service! I chipped a bonding on my tooth on Mon night and found this office via Google. It was 8 pm and an actual staff person (not an answering service) picked up and answered all of my questions and got me scheduled to come in today. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Guo. She did a great job on my tooth repair and was very patient in listening to how I wanted the tooth to look and got it perfect. I would definitely recommend this office for anyone with a dental emergency or just in need of a regular dental provider.

Recently my husband had a very bad toothache

“Recently my husband had a very bad toothache. Unfortunately for him the pain began on a weekend. Our dental office has only morning hours on Saturday, but they do have a very nice message on their answering machine. My husband left a few messages as the pain increased. No one called back.

When my husband, a tall, macho, lumberjack type was reduced to tears, I made a call to my family physician. My doctor did call back and ordered some pain killers. On Monday morning my husband was able to see our dentist who informed my husband that he had an abscess that needed immediate care. The dentist could not perform the care in the office so he referred my husband to an oral surgeon in Warminster. The oral surgeon could not fit him in until Friday. Needless to say, my husband used a lot of pain killers that week.

Friday morning I took half a day off along with my husband so we could have this procedure done. When we arrived at the oral surgeon’s office we sat and sat and sat until we were told the surgeon was running late and that my husband would have to reschedule. When we arrived home, my husband still in pain, we decided to look for someone who could help us.

My husband happened to have a magnet he got from a friend that advertised a dentist in Doylestown. The ad said this dentist had emergency hours. So my husband called. When he explained his situation to the receptionist/nurse, she informed my husband that Friday was the dentist’s day off, but she would call him at home and see what they could do. To make a long story short, this dentist gave up his day off, stopped the pain, took time to explain the problem and saved my husband’s tooth. Not only did this man take the time for someone who was not a regular patient but that night he called our home just to make sure my husband was OK and that he understood the medication he had prescribed. Yes, Virginia, there really is a doctor who cares. Thank you, Dr. Bash. You’re the best!”

I went to Dr. Bash because he’s close to where

“I went to Dr. Bash because he’s close to where I live and offers emergency service. I lucked out. He’s fantastic. Now he’s my regular dentist and my boyfriend switched to him.”

My first meeting with Dr. Bash unfortunately was around midnight on Friday night.

“My first meeting with Dr. Bash unfortunately was around midnight on Friday night. I was able to call in the middle of the night, talk to a real person (not a machine) and was getting my tooth worked on within the hour. I now continue to visit Dr. Bash because he is very knowledgeable and not only explains problems but shows me through his state of the art equipment in his office. I’ve put off dental work for about 7 years and now I continually make the two hour round tripper to Dr. Bash to take care of all my dental needs. Over the past year, Dr. Bash has completely fixed my problems and transformed my smile. Dr. Bash and his office get an A++++++++”

Dr. Bash came through and saved my friend one night

“Dr. Bash came through and saved my friend one night when his tooth crumbled late one (extremely) snowy night. Every other emergency dentist number we called sent us to a generic call center. We actually talked to a physician’s assistant when we called Dr. Bash’s office. My friend was in the chair within the hour. I definitely know where I’ll be going for my dental work.”

Continued excellent work.

“Continued excellent work. My teeth look and feel better with every visit. Thanks for all your help.”

One of the ‘few emergency dentists’

“One of the ‘few emergency dentists’ that will actually see you when you’re in the middle of an emergency! Dr. Bash explained everything to me so I knew what was going on and how he was going to fix it. I’m actually excited I found this office because of an emergency- I’ll be switching over to him as my regular dentist from now on. Thanks again Dr. Bash!”

Dr. Bash did an excellent job in the repair

“Dr. Bash did an excellent job in the repair of several major dental problems and he continues with excellent service in preventative maintenance. The continued service included cleanings, medication (when required) and he insists on daily flossing. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Dr. Richard Bash. These problems began many years before I met Dr. Bash and the teeth/gums were getting very, very bad. Several dental offices tried, however, Dr. Bash fixed it.”

Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift of my teeth whitening.

“Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift of my teeth whitening. Thank you so much for all you have done to make my smile beautiful. I wish you all the best and will continue to recommend you with the highest regard!”

Allegra Wollenberg
Had a Sunday evening emergency.

“Had a Sunday evening emergency. 35 minutes after my call I was sitting in the dentist’s chair and had my problem successfully treated.’

So I have had a really bad toothache for a few months.

“So I have had a really bad toothache for a few months. I put off going to the dentist because I was a bit anxious about painful dental work. Well, today the pain was unbearable. I found Dr. Bash after a Google search and within 45 minutes after calling I found myself in his chair having a root canal. Dr. Bash and company made me feel confident, relaxed and assured me it will be pain free. Just like that I was on my way home virtually pain free. I am glad I went. I would give six stars if I could. Thank you Dr. Bash and Winkles and staff…”