3 Worst Holiday Foods for Your Teeth

December 5th, 2017 by Bash Dental

Happy holidays! Now that the winter season is here, you’ll probably be spending more time with your family and friends eating great food! But not everything on the table is good for your teeth; some holiday foods and drinks can cause tooth decay.

Bash Dental is committed to helping you avoid suffering a dental emergency in Philadelphia this holiday, so we’ve researched some of the worst foods for your oral health. This season, make informed choices when it comes to holiday dinner by limiting these three offerings.

  • Soda and sugary adult drinks. Some of the worst enemies of your teeth are drinks that are packed with sugar. Soda, cocktails, wine and other sugary beverages provide food for bacteria living in between your teeth, and the acids involved in the carbonation process can speed up the breakdown of enamel. Try switching to seltzer or fruit-flavored water to get the sweetness that you crave without the damage!
  • Pecan pie. Pecan pie can be dangerous for your teeth thanks to the sticky and sweet pecans used as toppings. Not only do candied pecans have a ton of sugar, but their sticky texture also can make it difficult to fully brush them out of your teeth later. Try sticking with pumpkin pie instead.
  • Caramel corn and popcorn. Some of the most dangerous foods for your teeth are those with kernels. If you’re eating popcorn or caramel corn, be sure to slow down and take small bites. Otherwise, you might risk chipping a tooth or damaging your molars!

The most important thing to remember this holiday is to enjoy sweet things responsibly and get dental assistance as soon as an emergency occurs. If you find yourself in need of a 24/7 emergency dentist in Philadelphia this holiday, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff at Bash Dental a call at (215) 789-4106.

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