3 Reasons to Avoid Going to the ER for Dental Emergencies

October 4th, 2017 by Bash Dental

We’ve all heard that when there’s a medical emergency, the first place we should call is 911, followed by a trip to the emergency room. While the hospital’s emergency room is definitely the first place you should be going for issues like a broken leg or an appendix issue, emergency rooms are less equipped than a 24-hour emergency dentist near Philadelphia such as Bash Dental.


It is imperative to visit our team at Bash Dental to properly fix the dental issue that is causing you pain. Here are three reasons to visit our dental practice instead of an ER for your next dental emergency.


  • Emergency rooms are expensive. Everyone knows that medical care in the United States is expensive, but few understand the reality of the true costs that even small dental issues can take on even those with insurance. If you don’t have insurance, a trip to the emergency room can be financially devastating and drain your savings account. Just the co-pay for those with insurance for a dental-related ER visit can equal and exceed the price of service at a dentist. We can instead help you able to make it affordable, something that emergency rooms are not known for doing often.


  • Emergency rooms are not fully equipped to handle dental issues. Because emergency rooms do not have the equipment necessary for treating reason for the tooth pain, they usually are only able to mask the symptoms of dental emergencies. For example, many emergency rooms will prescribe antibiotics to treat a dental abscess, but this will not rectify the problem forever. Dentists are instead able to ensure that your dental emergency is thoroughly corrected.


  • Emergency rooms can do little to treat long-term tooth pain. While emergency rooms can prescribe painkillers, dentists have the tools necessary to treat pain at the root, which can lead to improved conditions over time instead of simply masking the problem.


When you have a dental emergency, make the right choice and go with the top emergency dentist in the Philadelphia region. Bash Dental is available on-call 24/7, just like the ER, to help treat your dental emergency properly.


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