Winkle, Bash Dental’s Comforting Therapy Dog

June 27th, 2016 by Bash Dental


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You are about to undergo your first serious dental procedure. Frightened, you sit down from checking into the dental office. Picking up a magazine off the coffee table, you try to take your mind off why you are waiting by reading an article, “10 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Summer.”


After getting to the second point of the article, anxiety returns and manifests itself by making your hands shake. You nervously look at your watch and realize that only seven minutes have passed. It has felt more like a half hour. You put your head down, and that’s when you hear the light pitter patter of four paws approaching you.

To your surprise, the dental practice has a dog! The comforting canine trots over to you and leaps onto your lap, making your anxiety wither away.


winkle with patientBash Dental understands the soothing effect that a therapy dog. Winkle, a four-year-old Jack Russell, began comforting patients since she was just three months old. Her remarkable ability to sense anxiety and provide a soothing in-chair presence helps calm nerves.


Winkle accompanies Dr. Richard N. Bash, DDS, the premier 24/7 dentist in Philadelphia, to every emergency. Her friendly and gentle temperament helps patients relax, allowing Dr. Bash to complete a procedure.


Some patients have written testimonials online about how Winkle’s presence helped them get through a troubling dental procedure. Here are just a few of the patient reviews:


  • “And when I needed to have my procedure done, [Dr. Bash] was very careful to ensure my comfort throughout. Plus, as an added bonus, his adorable little dog Winkle sat on my lap and kept me calm the whole time!” – J. Lounds


  • “When I got to the office I was immediately greeted by the most adorable dog Winkle, who made the short wait pass quickly. Being anxiety ridden at the thought of seeing a dentist Winkle eased my worries and was a welcomed distraction. As soon as I was in the chair, Dr. Bash consulted with me and went over various courses of action with me. We came up with a game plan and throughout my procedure, I was kept comfortable by Winkle sitting on my lap … Dr. Bash, his assistant and Winkle are a godsend. That’s for sure.” – FaZe vinn.g


  • “Our daughter was afraid and tired, but to her delight, Dr. Bash brought his therapy dog Winkle to sit on her lap during her treatment. She LOVES all animals, but especially dogs so this made her visit incredibly comfortable.” S. Vass



These are just a few of the testimonials satisfied patients have left about Winkle. You no longer have to fret about dental procedures and can expect to Winkle to greet you with her kisses and keep you company throughout your appointment.

To find out more information about Winkle or Dr. Bash’s 24-hour dental services in the Philadelphia area, you can call us at 215-789-4106 or visit our website.

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