What Makes An Industry-Leading Dentist?

May 16th, 2016 by Bash Dental

Over the past few years, you’ve probably realized that several industries have found themselves saturated with people and organizations doing the same things as each other. Companies such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have driven companies like Blockbuster out of business. We endured the vampire trend that swept cinemas with the seemingly never-ending Twilight series and waited for the beat to drop with dubstep in music, but only a few leading trends have actually stuck around.

Music, television, technology and businesses are just a few examples of affected fields that you might that you may have noticed. This rings true even in the dental industry. There are so many voices that are clamoring for your attention, but only a few are truly deserving to be heard.

Industry-leading dentists, such as Dr. Richard N. Bash, DDS., are the only people who are worthy of working on your teeth. You may be wondering what makes an industry-leading dentist, and why should I choose them?

  • Knowledge – In order to properly treat your dental needs, dentists must know what they are doing. Schooling and an ongoing commitment to learning the latest industry trends are necessary for leading professionals. Dr. Bash, the premier family dentist in Doylestown, PA, is an advocate for continual learning. A United States Army veteran, Dr. Bash received his bachelor’s degree from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, and furthered his education by earning his dental degree from Temple University’s School of Dentistry. He has also previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania Dental School.
  • Services – Leaders in the dental field are expected to be versatile and offer a number of services. In addition to being a 24-hour emergency dentist in the Philadelphia region, Bash has gained a solid reputation for offering services which include routine care, family dentistry, extractions, cosmetic dentistry, dental bonding, periodontics, endodontics and dental crowns and bridges.
  • Availability – Patients take comfort in knowing their dentist is always available to treat their dental needs. With 24-hour dental services in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Bash and his staff can treat your emergencies with ease, no matter when they occur.
  • Trust – The previous three reasons go a long way into building trust with patients and reinforcing the industry-leading reputation of a dentist. This trust is evident with Dr. Bash, who was a winner of “One of the Best” awards by Best of Bucks in 2015; he is also in the running for the 2016 Best of Bucks Mont for Dentist (Individual) Award. Patients can cast their vote for Dr. Bash in the current contest up until the May 22 deadline, here.

When choosing a dentist, you now know the criteria of an industry-leading professional, such as Dr. Bash. Drown out those other voices and listen to the qualified voices at Bash Dental, the top 24/7 dentist office in the Philadelphia.

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