Vape Explosion Requires Emergency Dental Treatment

August 4th, 2016 by Bash Dental

Over the past few years, vaping has become increasingly popular. You may have seen various videos of vape tricks or have been intrigued by its multitude of different flavor choices. Vaping has been said to be safer because e-cigarettes use a lower concentration of nicotine than normal cigarettes.

Vaping is also being marketed as being a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes because they eliminate the inhalation of dried plant matter and high levels of carbon monoxide, but the scientific evidence is conflicting. However, there is a significant danger involved: exploding battery packs.  

Earlier this month, Bash Dental, a leading dentist in the Horsham area, provided emergency dental treatment for a victim of an exploding vape pen. Vaping accidents have been occurring more and more frequently.

Common Catastrophe

In Cecil County, MD, a woman suffered burns to 15 percent of her body.  A Kirkland, WA man had his leg badly burned and now walks with a noticeable limp. A man from Albany, NY had a similar explosion knock his teeth out and burn a hole in his tongue.

According to Dr. Bash’s patient and his mother, he was using a dripper vaporizer in his bedroom when the battery exploded. This sound of it was compared to the bang of a gunshot and thick black smoke engulfed his room.

This problem can be caused by modifying your vaporizer with parts that aren’t tested for safety and overcharging your vaporizer’s battery pack.

Extensive Damage

Our patient had pieces of his teeth embedded in his lips and shrapnel buried into his arms and thighs. He also suffered various abrasions and needed stitches for his upper and lower lips. His dental injuries included:

  • Fractures to teeth Nos. 9, 23 and 25
  • Tooth No. 8’s bruised pulp
  • Tooth No. 24 fractured below the bone
  • Gingival damage

Emergency Treatment

Dr. Bash had to perform a number of procedures during his patient’s emergency treatment. Teeth Nos. 8 and 9 needed a root canal and a provisional crown, teeth Nos. 23 and 25 needed to be restored with bonding and tooth No. 25 had to be restored with bonding.

doylestown-pa-emergency-dentist-trauma-before doylestown-pa-emergency-dentist-trauma-after

Dr. Bash coordinated with the patient’s orthodontist to extrude (pull down) his teeth so they can be restored properly. The patient was also referred to an endodontist for further evaluation for possible root fractures.

If you have a dental emergency in the Philadelphia area, you can reach us by calling 215-789-4106 or visiting our website.

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