Health Clearance for Surgery

October 16th, 2014 by Bash Dental

This patient was presented to our office for a health clearance necessary before knee replacement surgery. The patient was to have surgery in his month, and could not have any oral infections existing at the time of surgery. Dr. Bash examined the patient and diagnosed general gingivitis, with localized advanced periodontal disease and numerous infected teeth due to dental decay. It was never addressed with the patient previously, that he had periodontal disease, nor did he know what it was. Dr. Bash diligently educated the patient on his oral disease and how it was effecting his overall health. The patient was currently crippled and could not put off the knee surgery any longer. Dr. Bash was able to create an expedient and extensive treatment plan of gum surgery, extractions of hopeless teeth, full upper immediate denture and lower partial prosthetics and fillings. The treatment was successfully completed in a timely manner, allowing the scheduled knee surgery. The patient was well educated on oral home care and extremely pleased with the speedy results that led to not only receiving his knee surgery in time but also restoration of his BEAUTIFUL smile.

All Phases of general dentistry were need to accomplish this task. See the stunning before and after images below.


health clearance for surgery before health clearance for surgery before health clearance for surgery before


health clearance for surgery after

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