Emergency Dental Treatment / Fractured Front Teeth

January 11th, 2015 by Bash Dental

yeungwink On Saturday, while his parents were busy packing to leave for a family vacation, this nine year old boy fell off of his scooter and fractured both of his two front permanent teeth at the gum line (seen in the “before” photo). Fortunately, when his parents performed an online search for “Emergency Dental care in Doylestown”, they found the office of Dr. Bash in Doylestown, Pa. Although they live quite a distance away from the office of Richard N. Bash. D.D.S., he is one of the few true Emergency Dentists that will open his office for 24/7 Emergency Dental Care; so they considered the drive well worth it.

When the family arrived, there was a high level of anxiety and the boy was distressed and upset, trembling and still bleeding from his mouth. When Winkles, the Jack Russell Terrier, Dr. Bash’s therapy dog, met the boy, his anxiety was immediately eased. With the boy in good hands, Dr. Bash began discussing treatment options with the boy’s parents.

Dr. Bash, assisted by one of his Dental Assistant’s performed Root Canal Treatments on the boy’s two front teeth, and in order to accommodate the urgency of the situation, they then placed bonded fillings that had him looking as though nothing had ever happened.

The object of the emergency treatment was to eliminate the pain and trauma caused by the fall and to restore the boy’s teeth so the family would not have to cancel their vacation. The family was grateful to Dr. Bash and was able to leave on their family vacation on time with their son smiling!





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