Emergency Cosmetic Chipped Tooth Fixed

October 1st, 2014 by Bash Dental

This young patient is a hockey player and came into Dr. Bash’s office on a Sunday as an emergency. He had fallen while roller blading and chipped his front teeth. Treatment was more than cosmetic, because patient ended up fracturing the root of his natural tooth (as seen in X-ray). To prevent mobility and possible loss of tooth. Dr. Bash applied a tooth color splint, confident that it would heal. Other opinions may have requested a more expensive treatment procedure like endodontic therapy like root canals, crowns or veneers. Dr. Bash was able to fix his teeth same day, chair side, with fillings and contouring, now he looks brand new. Dr. Bash was able to gain the same effect with just filling material, which is less abrasive to the natural tooth. This will last just as long, if not, longer than alternative methods.





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