Emergency Call on Saturday

February 5th, 2015 by Bash Dental

MAtthewsmithWe received an emergency call on a Saturday from a gentleman that was very frantic and desperate. He had a filling placed on his front tooth the day before by another dentist in New Jersey and now the filling coming out. He was very upset, and he did not know what to do especially since it was a front tooth and very visible. The dentist that had originally seen him would not come in to help him until Monday. The patient could not find an emergency dentist in his area, but fortunately he found Dr. Richard N. Bash D.D.S in Doylestown, Pa. via a Google search. We saw him immediately and did a clinical exam. The exam showed that the other office also tried to unsuccessfully perform a RCT on the front, now broken, tooth. It was obvious that all the work performed on what was left of his top teeth was failing and falling apart and could not be repaired. Additionally, he had no back teeth to chew with; however, some bottom teeth were still good. This gentleman was under the impression that he would never have nice teeth again nor would be able to eat comfortably. We discussed a treatment plan which consisted of a full upper immediate denture and a lower removable partial denture. He found this treatment option to be very frightening and upsetting but knew that he had no other alternatives. Thanks to Dr. Richard N. Bash, he has now had his new teeth for several weeks and cannot express his appreciation and happiness on how successful everything was, how great he look s and how much his new smile increased his self-esteem. If you have any questions regarding treatment please contact the office of Richard N. Bash D.D.S. at 215-348-8877.






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