The Importance of Having a Proper Bite

November 28th, 2016 by Bash Dental

Having a bad bite might make you self-conscious, but it can also lead to painful problems and expensive treatments. Signs of a bad bite, which is also known as malocclusion, are fractured teeth, sensitivity, tooth loss, headaches, jaw pain and discomfort.

Malocclusion is essentially when the top and bottom teeth don’t come together correctly. This condition puts undue pressure on your teeth, causing a domino effect and serious need for dental services.

At Bash Dental, we want to correct your bite and help you live a pain-free life. As the leading dentist in Warminster and the surrounding region, we believe it is important to provide comprehensive treatment and educate all of our patients on different conditions.

Why does my bite matter?

You may be thinking, “Why does my bite matter?” Here are four reasons why you should have your bite corrected.

  1. A proper bite matters because of the severe damage a poor bite can cause to otherwise healthy teeth, especially teeth that are already in distress. This damage is not limited to just your teeth; a bad bite can cause chronic headaches and facial pain along with damage to the tendons. The irony is that the fix is perhaps one of the simplest, cheapest and quickest in dentistry for most people.
  2. Even if no pain or feeling of being uneven is present, your bite could still be off and, after some time, can exacerbate quickly as our teeth are always in a state of movement and wear. This makes getting routine check-ups key.
  3. Your bite will dictate what does or doesn’t happen to your teeth. Like a car out of alignment, uneven wear and, eventually, a premature breakdown is destined to occur.
  4. Another reason bites aren’t in our collective consciousness is that dental insurers generally will not pay for this procedure. As a result, it’s easier for bites to go untreated as dentists are not reimbursed. In other words, the procedure is not lucrative from a business point of view, and its importance isn’t touted and drilled into the heads of consumers.

The Bottom Line

Save yourself some time, money and frustration. Now that you know the importance of having a proper bite, the rest is up to you. If your bite feels off, it probably is. If it doesn’t, make sure to have it assessed. Not all dentists will assess your bite. Bash Dental is methodical about this, but if you you aren’t here to see us for your regular check-up, we aren’t able to evaluate it. So, be diligent!

Be your own advocate. Make sure you see your dentist regularly to have your bite checked. If you are interested in getting your bite evaluated or need 24-hour dental services in the Philadelphia area, we encourage you to call us at 215-789-4106 today!

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