Recently my husband had a very bad toothache

July 28th, 2016 by admin

“Recently my husband had a very bad toothache. Unfortunately for him the pain began on a weekend. Our dental office has only morning hours on Saturday, but they do have a very nice message on their answering machine. My husband left a few messages as the pain increased. No one called back.

When my husband, a tall, macho, lumberjack type was reduced to tears, I made a call to my family physician. My doctor did call back and ordered some pain killers. On Monday morning my husband was able to see our dentist who informed my husband that he had an abscess that needed immediate care. The dentist could not perform the care in the office so he referred my husband to an oral surgeon in Warminster. The oral surgeon could not fit him in until Friday. Needless to say, my husband used a lot of pain killers that week.

Friday morning I took half a day off along with my husband so we could have this procedure done. When we arrived at the oral surgeon’s office we sat and sat and sat until we were told the surgeon was running late and that my husband would have to reschedule. When we arrived home, my husband still in pain, we decided to look for someone who could help us.

My husband happened to have a magnet he got from a friend that advertised a dentist in Doylestown. The ad said this dentist had emergency hours. So my husband called. When he explained his situation to the receptionist/nurse, she informed my husband that Friday was the dentist’s day off, but she would call him at home and see what they could do. To make a long story short, this dentist gave up his day off, stopped the pain, took time to explain the problem and saved my husband’s tooth. Not only did this man take the time for someone who was not a regular patient but that night he called our home just to make sure my husband was OK and that he understood the medication he had prescribed. Yes, Virginia, there really is a doctor who cares. Thank you, Dr. Bash. You’re the best!”

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