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On Saturday, while his parents were busy packing to leave for a family vacation, this nine year old boy fell off of his scooter and fractured both of his two front permanent teeth at the gum line (seen in the “before” photo). Fortunately, when his parents performed an online search for “Emergency Dental care in […]

Proper brushing is probably the most important way to keep your mouth healthy.  Brushing correctly and with the proper frequency can help you prevent problems before they appear.  There are four important things you will need to properly brush your teeth:  a toothbrush with soft bristles, toothpaste with fluoride, the correct angle of brushing, and […]

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Don’t let Halloween Candy be a Nightmare! If your kids are like most, they’re going to come home from trick-or-treating with lots and lots of candy. And who doesn’t love Halloween candy? But we all know that the sugary candies at Halloween bring tooth decay in their wake. By following these simple steps, your family […]

This young patient is a hockey player and came into Dr. Bash’s office on a Sunday as an emergency. He had fallen while roller blading and chipped his front teeth. Treatment was more than cosmetic, because patient ended up fracturing the root of his natural tooth (as seen in X-ray). To prevent mobility and possible […]

Sometimes brushing and flossing is not enough. Many adults live day to day without realizing they have an infection of bacteria in their mouths. At Dr. Bash’s office we provide that best care and treatment for gum disease and bone loss. It’s called Soft Tissue Management (STM) Program! The STM program is a non-surgical way, […]