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We received an emergency call on a Saturday from a gentleman that was very frantic and desperate. He had a filling placed on his front tooth the day before by another dentist in New Jersey and now the filling coming out. He was very upset, and he did not know what to do especially since […]

On Saturday, while his parents were busy packing to leave for a family vacation, this nine year old boy fell off of his scooter and fractured both of his two front permanent teeth at the gum line (seen in the “before” photo). Fortunately, when his parents performed an online search for “Emergency Dental care in […]

This patient was presented to our office for a health clearance necessary before knee replacement surgery. The patient was to have surgery in his month, and could not have any oral infections existing at the time of surgery. Dr. Bash examined the patient and diagnosed general gingivitis, with localized advanced periodontal disease and numerous infected […]

This young patient is a hockey player and came into Dr. Bash’s office on a Sunday as an emergency. He had fallen while roller blading and chipped his front teeth. Treatment was more than cosmetic, because patient ended up fracturing the root of his natural tooth (as seen in X-ray). To prevent mobility and possible […]