Dental Therapy Dog

imput dog with bash jenny
Many of us struggle with some form of anxiety when it comes to the dentist. Bash Dental has a unique team member who will help put your nerves at ease— our resident dental therapy dog, a four-year-old Jack Russell named Winkle.

Winkle began comforting patients professionally as a three-month-old puppy. She has a remarkable ability to sense anxiety and provides a soothing in-chair presence to help calm nerves. One visit is all it takes to experience the very real effect she can have in reducing dental anxiety.

If you have allergies or feel uncomfortable around dogs, Winkle has an area in the office where she can rest while you’re seen by the dentist. For our emergency patients, yes, Winkle takes her work seriously and accompanies Dr. Bash to each emergency case. Check out our reviews to see what patients are saying about Winkle.