Lost Fillings

Losing a dental filling can be a traumatic and embarrassing event— especially if the area is visible. With nothing to protect the site, there’s the potential for a great degree of pain and sensitivity if nerves are exposed.

To avoid further decay and breakdown, it’s imperative to see a dentist as soon as possible (even if there’s no accompanying pain). Fortunately, restoring a lost filling is fast and straightforward procedure that’s performed at our Doylestown, PA dental practice on a 24/7 emergency basis.

What To Do If You Lose a Filling

  • First, make sure that the filling is removed from your mouth to avoid accidental inhalation (which can cause an infection in the lungs)
  • Keep the area very clean so damaging bacteria does not accumulate
  • To ease discomfort, try placing a small piece of orthodontic wax in the cavity
  • Avoid chewing on the tooth from which the filling was lost
  • For pain, you may benefit from an over the counter medication like ibuprofen

See the Dentist ASAP
If you’ve lost a filling, don’t delay treatment. Bash Dental in Doylestown, PA is the go-to emergency dentist whether you’re in Montgomery County, PA or Philadelphia, PA.

We’re available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Call us now at 215-789-4106 for prompt and experienced emergency dental services in Bucks County, PA.